Time Travelling Tourist

The notion of the ‘Guide Book’ has been in evidence since the mid -1800’s. As experiences of leisure and travel became more commonplace, this literary form became a close companion of the inquisitive explorer. Carefully compiled and elegantly written, they acted as detailed chroniclers of space and place.


Time Travelling Tourist utilises a 60- year old Rolleicord and a 100-year- old guide book to explore crucial links with the past, to acknowledge it and to resurrect forgotten locations. Seeking to address themes of public access, the effects of war and economically-driven destruction, the work casts it’s photographic eye over dilapidated railways and crumbling engine houses. What are those elements that decide a location’s fate? Why do some continue to thrive whilst others are lost to history?


The photographer visits key sites in and around Cornwall and Dartmoor, with the aim of sequential work to follow.




A hand-bound book was made in 2015.

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