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Sam Lyne studied BA Photography at Plymouth College of Art, UK and graduated in July 2017.

Having been born and bred in an ancient Celtic nation, he has a keen interest in history and preserving memories, and is inspired by the myths, legends and stories from times gone by in and around Cornwall. 
A pivotal part in Sam’s life has greatly influenced his practice. Experiencing a bereavement at a young age, he became obsessed with mortality, sentiment and ultimately preserving history. All of Sam's major projects to date and ideas currently being worked on have revolved around these themes. 
With an interest in art in general, photography is one outlet for his creativity. Sam uses analogue, digital photography and collage to create images. Two projects to date have been hand bound in book form.

Probably the most notable project so far is My Dearest Beatrice which was chosen as one of 50 winners worldwide in the LensCulture Emerging Talent Awards 2016. The project has since been featured in the Source Graduate Photography Magazine supplement and Archivo Magazine, along with the publication Best of LensCulture Vol. 1.



Cumbria 1971. From the series My Dearest Beatrice
From the series: The Time Travelling Tourist
Born 1867. From the series A Curious Collection.
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